Lawn mowing with Rear Rollers


No matter what anybody says… There is just no substitute for creating lawn stripes that stay all week than a good old heavy rear roller mower. Wheeled mowers, even with the latest fad of having a mini roller on the back make only reasonable stripes just after they are cut, but will fade over a few days…as well as leaving those tram lines in the lawn that are not attractive at all…

If you would like your garden to be cared for by staff who have the knowledge, attention to detail and equipment to do the job right, give us a call as summer is just around the corner… although going by this weeks weather you would think it is already here!

PS – We do a lot more in the garden than just caring for your lawns

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  1. Hi
    Will a lawn have stripes if you run your mower (one that has a rear roller) up and down lawn switched off (ie without cutting) I only ask this as my grass is short enough but would like in future to define the stripes a bit more after a few days maybe without need for cutting.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Absolutely… although if your going over the lines again you may as well activate the blades too, even though you’ll only be taking a little off.

      Reason being the more you cut your lawn the healthier it will be. Partly because you are taking less off the blades each time which stresses the plant less. Robot mowers are becoming popular which cut every day with fine blades and the lawn becomes thicker and healthier so you can’t cut too much.

      If your stripes are disappearing quickly is your roller mower heavy enough. The heavier your mower the longer your stripes will stay in place.

      Hope this helps…

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