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Landscaping Gardeners in Surrey By Stripe Gardens

Located in Surrey, South East England, Stripe Gardens is a reputable landscaping and gardening company. We provide first-rate services of maintenance, construction, planning, and design of landscaped areas for lovers of beautiful and natural environments.

At Stripe Landscaping Surrey, we have extensive experience in the landscaper sector. In the light of this, we can offer our services in any segment of gardening and maintenance, ranging from large green areas to the design of small garden areas (terraces or buildings), including the indoor plants of companies, industries, and consortium.

We believe that gardening is an art. For this reason, our work consists of cultivating – both in open and closed spaces – flowers, trees, and shrubs, either for commercial, aesthetic or pleasure purpose.


How We Can Transform Your Environment

First and foremost, our landscape design team will begin by discussing ideas you may have beforehand about your dream garden. The team thereafter takes an aerial survey of the property proposed for landscaping so we can begin the process of achieving the concept designs that are realizable within the natural setting of your environment.

Before, during and after the planning and design, we consider many factors which are decisive for the success of your garden. Thanks to our study, we carefully survey the workspace, analyzing the needs and desires of each client. Every detail counts, and we are aware of it. Each garden is different, and that is why we work in a personalized way.

Our team at Stripe Gardens will explain to you, as the client, what limitations and laws there exist which have to be considered before designing the garden. Design meetings will be held so as to explain the concepts to be deployed before going fully into the final landscaping plan.

We look to develop your projects by generating a creative but exclusive landscaper plan. Our designs are based on simple (and sometimes difficult) concepts to achieve durability, ease of maintenance, sustainability and environmental integration without forgetting the aesthetic effect that these areas must meet.

In addition, we develop each of our services based on an impact study. We adapt the work done to the current standards so as to facilitate the necessary management and optimization of materials. This way, we are able to achieve respect for everyone’s environment.

When working on the design and construction of a garden, we take into account the location, climate, and subsequent maintenance. All our services are based on an objective: to obtain the maximum satisfaction of the user, who in the end can access the goodness of the service.

To achieve these objectives, at Stripe Gardens, we have a highly qualified human team. We have a long experience in the sector and powerful and modern machinery that allows us to undertake the work entrusted to us.

Our machinery allows us to perform any maintenance or construction work with high-quality finishing and the speed required in the execution of landscaping works.

Landscape Gardeners Surrey

Surrey Landscaper Services By Stripe Gardens

Some of our landscaping services at Stripe Gardens Surrey are explained below:

  1. Garden design

At Stripe Landscaping Surrey, we create the garden of your dreams, thanks to our team of professional garden designers and landscapers. We are experts in design, construction, and maintenance of gardens.

From flowers to plants, grass, tree pruning and all kinds of gardening jobs, the green spaces are our specialty. Trust our experience and professionalism.

  1. Landscaping construction services

We also handle constructions of structures for your landscapes. Some of these include driveway, patio, retaining wall and fence constructions.

Stripes Garden has enough skilled and creative workers to handle the construction, decoration and also the maintenance of your gardening structures.

  1. Restoration of gardens and landscapes

If you have an old garden full of bushes, herbs, fallen leaves, remains of flowerpots, we take care of transforming it into a spectacular garden full of life! We transform sad, colourless spaces full of bad experiences to happy landscapes where you will want to spend the day.

Are you looking for garden cleaning companies that give a change of air to your green space? Let’s give your gardens, terraces, patios, offices, and halls a new lease of life with our modern garden design, personalized decoration, flower/tree-pruning, and other related services.

  1. Installation of irrigation systems

At Stripes Garden, we help you transform your environment by taking care of the planning, design, installation, review, expansion, and improvement of the irrigation system of your garden.

The decoration of your space will visibly improve with our garden ideas.

  1. Installation of fountains and ponds

Is there any natural thing more relaxing than the sound of water? Get a permanent feeling of relaxation thanks to our installation and maintenance services of fountains, pools and other water features.

Automatic irrigation will greatly facilitate the maintenance of gardens. When you choose to use our service, we can make irrigation a fundamental part of your garden.

  1. Maintenance of landscapes and green spaces

The maintenance of landscapes, gardens and green spaces is not an easy task since you have to know the characteristics of each species and their needs. That’s why you have to leave this in the hands of professionals. We take care of pruning, planting, trimmings, cleaning, pest and disease control, maintenance of fountains, etc.

In addition, we have our own machinery perfectly adapted for the execution of any project. Do you aspire for a well-kept small but beautiful garden, an interior garden, outdoor garden or a company garden? Are you looking for maintenance companies for your green space? Stripe Gardens will not leave you unsatisfied.

  1. Consultation services

We advise our clients when creating or reorganizing their garden. We help them to choose the most appropriate species, compositions, and design. Our knowledge and experience help us create the garden you want.

What more do you need in a landscaping and gardening company?

Our services are exclusive and of high quality!

Do you lack ideas for your garden? Would you like to make a perfect garden that projects the green beautiful spaces? There are many gardening companies in Surrey and its surroundings, but Stripe Gardens Surrey assures you the total success of your garden project.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a landscaping or gardening service in Surrey.

Surrey Landscaping Services