Landscape Project – Wheelchair access including play area with Special Needs Swing and fall protection coloured tiles

Just in time for Xmas we completed this private project transforming a derelict garden full of weeds & stone piles into a simple and all area wheelchair accessible garden.

With very tight access we had to use the smallest machines which just squeezed down the side path!

New left side fence to replace delapidated fence. Low palisade fencing with custom wide gates separate the various areas including summerhouse/patio with veg planting borders, main lawn with storage shed/patio and finally a play area with cushioned tiles clearly visible from kitchen & lounge with double swing set secured into the ground.

Paved & gently sloped paths throughout with wide turning areas for wheelchair.

It’s all a bit cold at the moment for them to enjoy fully… but spring is on it’s way and those sunny warm days will be here soon.


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