Landscaping – Paving, Timber edging & Infill shingle

A small but no less important landscaping job for Stripe Gardens. Tidying up the rear of a garage area which was low light, muddy and needed to be able to store bins and firewood for easy access.

Roots coming off the conifer trees would have made simple shingling look messy and would have kicked off under trees not creating a clean edge.

Following the extension of the paving from current paving to the side of the garage out past the rear of the garage and down the side of the log store. This gave non muddy access to wood during the winter months or wet periods.

Using a timer 100cm wide we created a border as close to the trees as root systems allowed, added stepping slabs up further behind bin store and infilled the rest of the area with shingle to match other areas around the garden.

Simple & effective and now the client no longer has to get muddy feet when pooping out for extra wood or to put something in the bins further behind the garage.

Landscaping – Paving, Timber Edging & Shingle

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